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About Us

Oh Simple Baby was created in 2007 by Oh Simple Baby’s founder on the birth of her first child.  It was at a time when it was much more difficult to locate products that are not only kind to our children, but also kind to the earth.  Becoming a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle often motivates us to really take note of what our environmental influences are, from where baby rests its head to sleep, to what we put on their skin. 
We have created a shop carrying only the highest quality products that we ourselves use in our home or on our children. Our customer satisfaction is our top of priority, and we have been helping parents take steps towards a healthier lifestyle from coast to coast for over three years.
Oh Simple Baby’s owner since July 2010, Mimi is a mom who cares deeply for the wholesome well being of children, and also cares for the well being of the people the children care about, their family.   Healthful, sustainable quality continues to be a key cornerstone for products offered at Oh Simple Baby.  We strive to educate other parents and caregivers on the environmental hazards associated with many of the products sold for babies and their families, and provide information on healthier alternatives.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the items we carry or to share with us your comments.  We plan to continue to expand our product line to provide our clients with good options as your babies grow from infancy through to toddler years and beyond. Thank you for the support!

Did you know that SickKids Foundation plays a very important role in the health care of children worldwide? SickKids Foundation is our favourite charity, and a portion of each sale is donated. To learn more about our relationship with SickKids Foundation please click here.

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