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Organic Mattress FAQ

Please see our Crib Mattress From Scratch section for extensive information
on crib mattresses and more details on Naturepedic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each parent reading this has taken the first step toward a healthy environment for their babies. Babies spend up to 70% of their young lives on a crib mattress, which is why an organic mattress is the first building block to a completely healthy environment. The benefits of an organic mattress are numerous, as the chemicals that leach from standard mattresses have been linked to many childhood disorders, such as the increase in cancer, ADHD, and many others. There is strong evidence supporting a link to SIDS, which you can learn more about here. Please read below to learn more about the importance of a chemical and toxin free bed for your little one, and as to why we feel Naturepedic mattresses are the best on the market.

What is an organic baby crib mattress?

The word organic is a term regulated by the USDA applying only to agricultural products. For example, organic cotton is a crop that is grown in compliance with organic standards. This means that no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are used. An organic baby crib mattress is a mattress designed and constructed with certified organic materials, such as organic cotton, and which specifically eliminates potentially harmful synthetic materials such as vinyl/PVC and polyurethane foam.

What makes the Naturepedic baby crib mattress so special?

In addition to organic cotton, Naturepedic mattresses provide important benefits including a non-toxic food grade waterproof / dust mite proof surface and an extra firm innerspring, all while avoiding the use of potential allergens such as latex and wool.

Why would I want an organic baby crib mattress?

An organic baby crib mattress provides a healthier and more chemical free sleeping environment for your child. This means less exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

What;s the difference between natural and organic cotton?

Natural cotton is grown conventionally but is not processed with harsh chemicals (such as chlorine bleach and various dyes). Organic cotton is not only unbleached and undyed, but is also grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. It provides a completely natural and chemical-free filling material.

What is polyethylene and why do I want it?

Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly plastic that is used throughout the food packaging industry for its purity and non-toxic properties. The polyethylene surface of the No-Compromise Organic Baby Crib Mattress is specially formulated using only pure food grade materials, creating the ultimate non-toxic and waterproof mattress cover. It is also easy to clean and will not stain.

What is FlameBreaker and why do I want it?

When it comes to bedroom fires, a moment or two can mean the difference between life and death. FlameBreaker is a non-toxic and naturally derived fire barrier system that is safe and effective. It meets and exceeds all Federal and State flammability standards without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Whats wrong with polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam is essentially foamified petroleum and is extremely flammable. As such, it is heavily treated with fire retardant chemicals such as PBDEs (the most common of which was just banned by the state of California and across Europe). Many other questionable chemicals are also added in the fabrication process. Polyurethane foam disintegrates over time, breaking down into small particles that easily become airborne while releasing substantial VOCs throughout its lifecycle.

What Is wrong with vinyl/PVC?

Vinyl/PVC is largely regarded as one of the most toxic plastics in use today. It also poses numerous environmental concerns. Mattress covers made from vinyl/PVC contain many chemical additives such as phthalates, antimony, and various biocides which are released over time.

What about nylon mattress covers?

Many companies have begun replacing vinyl/PVC with a woven nylon fabric. While nylon is definitely an improvement over vinyl/PVC, it is still not as pure and non-toxic as polyethylene. It is also not truly waterproof and will stain (it must be treated with a chemical coating in order to make it water resistant). Nylon mattress covers also typically contain the same questionable fire retardants and biocides as vinyl/PVC.

What is the difference between the 150 and 252 coil?

There is a difference in firmness between the 150 and 252 (the 252 is firmer,) but the main advantage of the 252 is that there is centre reinforcement. The 252 coil features "9 gauge cross beams" that help to prevent any sagging in the middle of the mattress.
Both the 150 and 252 feature 9 gauge border wire for strong edge support.

***PLEASE NOTE- Other Naturepedic mattresses are available upon request, (Bassinet, Cradle & More)

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